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Music Recording/Production

We track bands, ensembles and solo artists of every kind. We can do full bands with isolated vocals and amps in any genre, from Rock to Jazz to Hip Hop to Celtic Folk. We are seasoned professionals with years of musical experience on both sides of the glass. We have the gear, the space and the know how to accommodate any kind of project and we've been doing it in Boston for over 20 years. We have many Production credits and are willing and able to get involved in your project on the Production side if desired. We have a long list of pro session players of just about every instrument you can think of. Many projects that come out of Chillhouse are a result of our Production AND Engineering.


Not only can we mix and master what we record in our studio, but we can fix home and studio space recordings where you can't seem to get the sound you want. We specialize in mixing projects that are recorded in other spaces and in people’s homes. We have the tools and the experience to bring the highest quality results possible to recordings that are made in any environment. We have mixed projects from literally all over the world—projects recorded in all kind of places and under a vast array of circumstances. Our years of experience bring pro results and happy clients.

Video Production / Video Post

We offer a variety of Video services. We shoot video for bands and artists of any size, in the studio or on location. We also provide Audio Mixing and Editing and specialize in creating Livestream and Internet content. We have worked with Artists, Bands, Commercial Video Companies, Industry Backed Films, Independent Films and Animated Films and we have the capability and experience to accomplish any Audio Post project.


We offer Mastering for any kind of project and we specialize in finalizing both projects created in house at the studio and projects completed elsewhere. We work closely with you until the Mastering result is what you want to hear. Our years of experience mastering many and varied musical styles allow us to bring the highest level of quality possible to our projects. Our philosophy is to respect the intent of your mixes while bringing a polish and professional result to the project.